Web design for search engine startup
Web Design, Web Development, Consultancy


MAXSET is a startup based in Seattle. Their product is a search engine for local digital documents.

In March 2018, I was hired to redesign their company website to better suit their business needs. The entire project lasted 2 weeks. Through the process, I defined clear milestones and check-in meetings, which made sure the client was engaged throughout the design process.

The senior leadership team was very satisfied with the final outcome and would like to engage me in future projects.


Web Designer & Developer
Interfaced, designed and developed HTML/CSS website for client


The senior leadership team planned to launch their products online in 2 weeks, but they did not have a presentable website to showcase their product


Designed a brand and website that encompassed the company's niche in a tight time frame


Brand value - "Trust, Data-driven insights, Innovative"
A website with brief product info and product purchase portal
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Reflecting Forward

Consultancy // Web Design // Business Needs

Through interfacing with clients, I further hone my skills of understanding and translating business needs into design proposal.